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 Forum Rules, Policies and Guidelines

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PostSubject: Forum Rules, Policies and Guidelines   Forum Rules, Policies and Guidelines EmptySat May 28, 2011 3:05 pm

Registration is a MUST to be able to join the Forum Discussion. Information in your account must be accurate especially your Valid Email Address. You should have a valid email address in order to receive a verification email. Upon receiving the email, just follow the instructions and you can now post and interact in the forums thereafter.

- You may base your username on your real name, a common nickname, or a pseudonym, depending on how much anonymity you want to maintain.
- It should not contain the terms “administrator”, “moderator” or similar terms such as “admin” or “mod”.
- Using a celebrity's name or moniker is strictly prohibited.
- Usernames which contains sexually explicit terms, obscene languages, etc. will be BANNED automatically.

- Please avoid using large fonts and large images.
- Images and texts that contain graphic depictions of sexual acts, pornographic and obscene images, are strictly prohibited.

* The Administrator will automatically delete offensive signatures.

- Avatars that contain graphic depictions of sexual acts, pornographic and obscene images, are strictly prohibited.

* Members will receive notice from a moderator informing them of an avatar violation and requesting them to change their avatar within 24 hours.

As a member of the Tigerholics Online, you agree to follow and comply with our simple forum rules

1. Be nice and friendly to each other. This will help enhance healthy discussions in the forum.
2. Be open-minded. Expect other people to not agree with you. Expect other people to criticize the player/s you support. Keep your cool. As long as everything remains above the belt, don't take them personally.
3. Do not use offensive languages such as cursing and name-calling.
4. Posting links pointing to illegal files such as porn and/or virus is strictly prohibited.
5. Do not make multiple posts.
6. Do not advertise other websites except your own.
7. Make sure to post in the appropriate board to make everything as organized as possible.
8. If you are new to the forum, please make sure to fill up the questions in Tigerholics Online Official Fan List so other members will know a little something about you and can make you feel welcome.
9. Refrain from posting using SMS language, ALL CAPS, AlTeRnAtE CaPs, or ~F*a*n*C*y* _TeXt~ as it makes the posts difficult to read. Learn to type in your ideas in a non eye-displeasing manner. You are using a keyboard after all, and not a cell phone. Use the bold/italic & colored fonts ONLY to emphasize something. Do not use them in the entire post. Avoid excessive use of ALL CAPS, bold, and large fonts as if you were shouting your message.
10. Since smileys say what you feel at the time you were posting your message, 2 or 3 smileys maybe enough after a few sentences. Posts with excessive smileys will be deleted without warning.

* Failure to abide by the rules corresponds to a punishment such as warning, suspension, temporary ban or even lifetime ban so be sure to follow the rules religiously.

Thank You!
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Forum Rules, Policies and Guidelines
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